Major Events of WWII

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Major Events of WWII by Mind Map: Major Events of WWII

1. 1939

1.1. Invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany

1.2. Britain and France issue ultimatum to Germany

1.3. British armed forces mobilize

1.4. Great Britain and France declare war against Germany

1.5. Canada declares war on Germany

1.6. United States declares neutrality

1.7. Soviet Union invaded Poland from east

1.8. Soviet Union is expelled from League of Nations

2. 1940

2.1. Germany invades Denmark and Norway

2.2. Germany invades Belgium, Luxembourg, and Holland

2.3. Neville Chamberlain resigns and Winston Churchill replaces him

2.4. Italy joins the war as Germany's ally

2.5. Italy and Allies declare war on each other

2.6. Germany, Italy, and Japan sign Tripartite Pact

2.7. U.S. Congress passes select service act

2.7.1. Almost 16 million men are required to register for war

3. 1941

3.1. President Franklin Roosevelt signs Lend-Lease Act

3.2. Japan and Russia sign neutrality pact

3.3. Germany invades Soviet Union without declaring war

3.4. Germany and Italy declare end of Yugoslav nation

3.5. Roosevelt extends Lend-Lease to Soviet Union

3.6. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

3.6.1. U.S. Declares war on Japan

3.6.2. Germany and Italy declare war on U.S.

4. 1942

4.1. Wannsee conference establishes "Final Solution" for Jews in Europe

4.2. Roosevelt authorizes designated "military areas"

4.3. Corregidor falls out of American control and into Japanese control

4.4. Operation Torch opens in North Africa

4.5. Russians launch counter-offensive at Stalingrad

5. 1943

5.1. Axis powers surrender in Tunisia

5.2. Allied powers have control over North Africa

5.2.1. New node

5.3. The allies bomb Italy

5.4. Allies land in southern Italy

5.5. Italy declares war on Germany

6. 1944

6.1. D-Day

6.1.1. Greatest invasion in history

6.2. Paris is liberated

6.3. General Dwight Eisenhower is given command of combined Allied forces in Europe

6.4. Franklin Roosevelt is elected for fourth term

7. 1945

7.1. At Yalta Conference Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin pledge to divide Germany and Austria after war

7.2. Roosevelt dies and Harry Truman is sworn in as president

7.3. Russians enter Berlin

7.4. Germany surrenders

7.5. V-E day proclaimed

7.6. Hiroshima bombed

7.7. Russia declares war on Japan

7.8. Second atomic bomb drops on Nagasaki

7.9. Occupation of Japan begins after accepting surrendering terms