The concept of marketing The consumer as a boss

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The concept of marketing The consumer as a boss by Mind Map: The concept of marketing  The consumer as a boss

1. Marketing practice as you move towards a customer focus with increasing speed

2. Management was responsible for accumulating so much relevant information on sales and sales practice

3. The issues of waste, efficiency, profits and labor disputes were outstanding.

3.1. Involved the scientific selection, training and supervision of vendors

4. It implies society to the body Individual, shaping the way in which the People think, behave and play their Role in the world.

4.1. It depended on the knowledge generated by methods of "individualization"

5. The production experts to become faster and cheaper

5.1. A feature of contemporary marketing thinking, as well as the consumer idea as "boss."

6. Theory of the commercialization

6.1. The centrality of disciplinary power in marketing management

6.1.1. Management thinking and was a major influence on marketing.

6.1.2. This involved studying the behavior of workers within the framework of the factory in order to make it more efficient.

7. Comparatively little attention Has been dedicated to the connections Between marketing and finance

7.1. This relationship has profoundly shaped the marketing and economic system

7.1.1. Closely related to the government and legislature. Led the processes of expansion and consolidation of companies

7.2. The companies that received financial support and that they were denied. They literally helped to structure the market.

8. Marketing promoted the interests of corporate financiers, shareholders and employees.

8.1. la teoría y la práctica de la mercadotecnia fueron invocadas para redirigir la atención de los empleados

9. With increased production And consumption framed as "Non-political socialism

9.1. The industry had to demonstrate its Commitment to efficiency

9.1.1. Products and services adapted to the needs of the market

10. The marketing concept, the need for research, combined with the customer focus

10.1. The external directive force of the market and the desires of the consumer. Attention is given to the processes of displacement

10.2. A company has to undertake market and customer research

11. Highlighting how the community Promoted concepts and Key marketing practice

11.1. To ensure the continuous return of their investments.

11.2. Supervision of management, discipline and reward structures

12. Shibley

12.1. The banking community about marketing management and practice, ordering their ideas into books and articles

12.1.1. Trained sales and marketing executives assumed top management positions

12.1.2. All the time he was busy analyzing customer problems

12.1.3. The need to train staff and to monitor the profitability of all company activities

12.2. Analyze the market, divide it into its parts Components

12.2.1. Determine which areas and clients were profitable to serve

13. Practitioners were using the tools and techniques that are associated with disciplinary power. Foucault

13.1. This is the conceptual and Methodological approach to 'hyper-power'. It is a multiplied and accumulated power