TS Cohort week 1

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TS Cohort week 1 by Mind Map: TS Cohort week 1

1. training/assignment topics

1.1. plannable vs unplannable work

1.2. flow and knaban

1.3. work breakdown

1.4. servant leadership, influence and self-organised squads

1.5. managing risk (the Agile way)

1.6. squad metrics, tools and reporting

1.6.1. Iteration Reporting

1.6.2. Jira

1.7. improvement kata and cynefin

1.8. Agile WoW

1.8.1. LAMA

1.8.2. DoR, DoD

1.8.3. Social Contract, Squad Rules/Charter

1.9. [email protected]

1.9.1. Squads, Tribes, Chapters, Guilds

1.10. Relative estimation

1.11. Product Ownership

2. assignments

2.1. Tony

2.2. Sue

2.3. Adam

2.4. Mike

2.5. Paul

2.6. Joe

2.7. 15 min presentation to cohort; 15 min discussion

2.7.1. presenter organises 30 min session sometime in next 8 weeks

2.7.2. no more than 1 presentation per week?

3. buddies

3.1. Tony

3.2. Sue

3.2.1. Adam

3.3. Adam

3.3.1. Sue

3.4. Mike

3.4.1. Ian?

3.5. Paul

3.5.1. Pubudini

3.6. Joe

3.7. expectation

3.7.1. visit each others ceremonies (where possible)

3.7.2. take 30 mins a week to catch up to discuss

4. other guests

4.1. Paige

4.2. Pubudini

4.3. Dave

5. agenda

5.1. admin

5.1.1. WFH days

5.1.2. vacation times

5.1.3. Shane to organise weekly 1 hour training session weekly 30 min showcase examples 3 way kick-off with leader

5.1.4. Cohortee to organise weekly 1hr 1-to-1 catch up 1 hr reflection/homework/assignment/laundry list flexible, but not optional :-) Forward your squad ceremony invitations to Shane Add yourself as a watcher to all pages under confluence home Enrol in SoftEd's Agile Facilitation and Iteration Management course if you haven't already NB: Fundamental course is a pre-req

5.2. topics

5.3. buddying

5.4. laundry list

5.5. mentor's notes page

5.6. possibility to be assessed (IM Position Assessment)

5.7. questions/comments from IM guild yesterday?

5.7.1. iteration goal

5.7.2. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

5.8. managing risks and issues (the Agile way)

5.8.1. . First section: we look to validate/invalidate the important/crucial assumptions as early as possible Highlighting and focusing on unvalidated decisions/assumptions high exposure risks (game changers) Second section: our focus goes into delivering customer value Final section: focuses on understanding the opportunity cost of continuing the work (or moving to something of higher value)

5.8.2. What Agile approach offers for this IM: explicit role to address and challenge impediments/blockers http://agilemanifesto.org/principles.html tight feedback loop visibility of progress and setbacks

5.8.3. risk categories/examples right capability to deliver work musical chairs between projects/team insufficient knowledge/expertise sufficient capacity tight deadlines technical hurdles uncertainty in chosen tech cust/market interest new product development interruptions and blindsiding big progs right support lack of test/int environments

5.8.4. homework I will add to confluence page risk JIT