Future State: ED to IP Handoff Process

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Future State: ED to IP Handoff Process by Mind Map: Future State: ED to IP Handoff Process

1. Order for IP Admission

1.1. Barrier: Appropriate Level of Care

1.2. Order placed within EMR

2. Patient placement assigns Pt. to unit

2.1. Barrier: Wrong Unit Assigned

2.2. EMR: Tracked in Event Management System

2.2.1. EMR: Bed Assignment Board

3. Charge nurse from IP Unit assigns a room and nurse

3.1. Barrier: No available beds on unit

3.2. Barrier: No available staff

3.3. EMR: Unit Manager

4. Receiving IP Nurse obtains RPT from ED

4.1. Barrier: Calling ED and asking for report

4.2. Barrier: ED will call and ask to give report

4.3. Telephone

5. Utilization Review

5.1. Barrier: Delay in Documentation

5.2. Utilization Review conducted via CERME

6. Waitlist Process

6.1. EMR: Pt.'s prioritized via acuity

7. Staffing Management

7.1. Hiplink: Staff Paging System

8. ED Transfer Note

8.1. Autogenerated/populated via EMR

8.2. Concurrent w/ Face to Face