Process and Threads

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Process and Threads by Mind Map: Process and Threads

1. Process Elements

1.1. Program code

1.1.1. which may be shared with other processes that are executing the same program

1.2. A set of data associated with that code

1.2.1. when the processor begins to execute the program code, we refer to this executing entity as a process

1.3. identifier ,state priority, program counter, memory pointers, context data, I/O status information, accounting information

1.4. Process Control Block

1.4.1. Contains the process elements

1.4.2. Created and managed by the operating system

1.4.3. Key tool that allows support for multiple processes

2. Process States

2.1. Trace

2.1.1. the behavior of an individual process by listing the sequence of instructions that execute for that process

2.2. Dispatcher

2.2.1. small program that switches the processor from one process to another

3. Two-State Process Model

3.1. Running

3.2. Not-Running

4. Process Creation

4.1. Reasons

4.1.1. New Batch Job

4.1.2. Interactuve logon

4.1.3. Created by OS to provide a service

4.1.4. Spawned by existing process

4.2. Process spawning

4.3. Parent process

4.4. Child process

5. Suspended Processes

5.1. Reasons

5.1.1. Swapping involves moving part of all of a process from main memory to disk

5.1.2. Timing

5.1.3. Parent process request

5.1.4. Other OS reason

6. Processes and Threads

6.1. Single Threaded Approaches

6.2. Multithreaded Approaches

7. Operating System Control Structures

7.1. types of tables

7.1.1. Memory tables

7.1.2. IO Tables

7.1.3. File Tables

7.1.4. Process Tables