Are Humans Alone in the Universe?

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Are Humans Alone in the Universe? by Mind Map: Are Humans Alone in the Universe?

1. Yes

1.1. Where is Everybody? If there where extraterrestrial beings out in outer space, how come they have not tried to make any communication with us? If there was life out there, there technology could be just as strong as ours, maybe even stronger. So why have they not done anything.

1.1.1. Humans have been sending signals and flares out into space for around a century, yet no reply has ever been made.

1.2. Civilization, in some researcher's eyes, can be compared to a chimpanzee hammering at a typewriter. Perhaps one of them would be able to type out Hamlet, but only one, and only once.

2. No

2.1. There are millions of star systems outside of our solar system, and many of them are bound to have habitable planets. If the conditions for life on a planet are right, then they must hold some form of life.

2.2. Studies on other planets have shown that some of them have elements like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and other elements required to sustain life. Many even have elements configured into organic molecules like glucose, carbon rings, even amino acids.

2.2.1. There are many different conditions in which life can exist, and they do not necessarily need to be human standards. Life can be created in a lot of places, and as long as the creature is adapted to the conditions of the planet, who says that it will not be able to thrive?

2.3. Saying that the chance of civilization in the universe one in a trillion, seems as if life almost never frequents the universe. However, if the question is seriously took into consideration, it can be seen like this: if the chance of civilization is one out of a trillion, then something similar to what is happening with earth and humans right now must have happened around ten billion times before.

2.4. Though we have been sending flares out into space for a century, we have received no reply. However, what can we expect from a mere century? The universe is an ever expanding mystery, something that is always building up and making more. Who knows how long our flares will take to reach the nearest civilization? Perhaps other extraterrestrial beings have replied us, but their technology and their ways of communication may differ from ours. Perhaps they have not advanced enough, and the flares swept passed them and they did not even blink an eye. Time and speed become complicated in space. Our flares may still be traveling towards their target, or their answer could just be on its way toward us.

2.4.1. On August 15th 1977, Ohio State University's radio telescope detected a signal that was thirty times stronger than the background noise of outer space. The signal was tracked for 72 seconds, and had a frequency similar to that of the spectral line of hydrogen. Scientists believe that since hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, it can be used as some sort of universal signal/message sending frequency.