Major Events of World War II

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Major Events of World War II by Mind Map: Major Events of World War II

1. The Africa Theater

1.1. Mostly took place in North and East Africa

1.2. started with the Italian declaration of war on June 10, 1940

1.3. Important for Axis and Allied powers

1.4. October 1935, Italy invaded Ethiopia

1.4.1. Struggle for control Control was necessary for oil from the Middle East and raw materials from Asia

1.5. Mussolini against Britain

1.5.1. They fight in the Mediterranean June 1939, Sir Andrew Cunningham’s Mediterranean Fleet had only 45 combat ships The Italian navy had 183 ships

2. The European Theater

2.1. Battle of the Atlantic

2.1.1. longest continuous military campaign in WWII

2.1.2. Began right after Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939

2.1.3. ended in May 1945, when Germany surrendered to allies

2.1.4. Many were killed in the Atlantic ocean

2.1.5. in 1942, 452 ships were lost by U-Boat

2.2. Eastern front

2.2.1. Baltic Sea Campaigns Conducted by Axis and Allied naval forces in the Baltic Sea Main combatants were Germany and Finland

2.2.2. Known as Great Patriotic War

2.2.3. Principal powers were Nazi Germany and Soviet Union along with their allies

2.2.4. Central to Holocaust

3. The Pacific Theater

3.1. Pearl Harbor

3.1.1. Japan surprise attacks Pearl Harbor, a U.S. naval base

3.1.2. Attacked by 353 imperial Japanese fighter planes

3.1.3. Took place on December 7, 1941

3.1.4. Led the U.S. directly into WWII

3.2. V-J Day

3.2.1. "Victory over Japan Day"

3.2.2. Japan surrenders to allies on August 14, 1945

3.3. Battle of Midway

3.3.1. took place in June 1942

3.3.2. naval battle

3.3.3. Japanese wanted to eliminate the U.S. from the Pacific