Data Program Management (DPM)

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Data Program Management (DPM) by Mind Map: Data Program Management (DPM)

1. Challenges

1.1. Increasing data volumes?

1.2. Changing user demand?

1.3. Need for speed?

1.4. Lack of standards?

2. DPM Components

2.1. Data strategy

2.1.1. strategic Alignment

2.1.2. Current and Future State Assessments

2.1.3. Resource Requirements

2.1.4. Project Definition and Prioritization

2.2. Data architecture

2.2.1. Data Inventory

2.2.2. Data Provenance

2.2.3. Data Modeling

2.2.4. Data Transport

2.3. Data Governance

2.3.1. Stakeholder Definition

2.3.2. Data Governance Council

2.3.3. Data Stewardship

2.3.4. Metadata Repository

3. DPM Mission

3.1. Improve how data are defined, organized, managed, analyzed, and used.

3.2. Document and manage significant technical and semantic data and metadata relationships.

3.3. Apply data assets wisely in alignment with the organization’s goals and objectives.

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