Events of World War II

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Events of World War II by Mind Map: Events of World War II

1. African Theatre

1.1. Began with Italian declaration of war

1.1.1. Battled for the control of Libya and Egypt

1.1.2. fought in the Libyan and Egyptian deserts

1.1.3. British army crossed border to capture Italian fort capuzzo

1.2. June 10 1940-May 13 1943

1.2.1. fought between allies and axis powers led to italian campaign Victory for allies in North Africa

2. European Theatre

2.1. September 1939-May 1945

2.1.1. also known as Second European War

2.2. Majority of fighting was on eastern and western front

2.2.1. Germany and Soviet Union invaded Poland

2.3. Soviet Union ended up conquering most of europe

2.3.1. Germany unconditionally surrendered

3. Pacific Theatre

3.1. Fought between the allies and Japan mostly

3.1.1. Japan fought mostly against U.S. Marine, Navy, and Army

3.1.2. Also fought against the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada fought in east Asia and the Pacific

3.2. Most Japanese fighting were apart of IJN and Combined fleet

3.2.1. Yamamato was commander in chief of combined fleet was later killed in war attack he led the rengo kantai