Safe and Responsible use of the web

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Safe and Responsible use of the web by Mind Map: Safe and Responsible use of the web

1. Cyber bullying

1.1. Block Users

1.1.1. Strangers

1.1.2. Spammers

1.2. Ignore Threats

1.2.1. Spam mail

1.2.2. Unknown sources

1.3. Tell a Teacher/Parent/Adult about the person cyber bullying you

2. Privacy Settings

2.1. Passwords

2.1.1. Make sure passwords are not easy for others to figure out

2.1.2. Always use a mix of letters, numbers and symbols in your password to increase the strength of your password

2.1.3. Always write your password down somewhere and keep it safe from others so that if you forget your password you will always have it backed up

2.2. Personal Information

2.2.1. Never give away personal details online, stay anonymous Age Gender Location

3. Language and Behaviour

3.1. Use of words

3.1.1. Always be polite online Use manners Use appropriate words/pictures

3.2. Code of conduct

3.2.1. Rules and guidelines Obeying website rules Copyright laws