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Quizlet by Mind Map: Quizlet

1. Knowledge of technology

2. Learning Goals

2.1. Better test scores

2.2. Develop Knowledge

2.3. Master

2.4. Listening

2.5. Memorization

3. Teacher Roles

3.1. Class Progress

3.2. Help Students

3.2.1. Developer Quizlet Live Competition

3.2.2. Share

3.3. Prepare students

3.3.1. Ex: Spanish teachers have students study flashcards on quizlet for memorization, but students use quizlet in the future for science, social studies, etc

3.4. Create a personal class list of vocabulary

4. Learning Assesment

4.1. Tests

4.1.1. Formative Score not generally taken for a grade

4.1.2. Summative Usually puts the score in the grade book

4.1.3. Standardized testing While using Quizlet to study for other tests, Students will also be studying for their standardized tests without even noticing.

5. Learning Activites

5.1. Personal time studying

5.1.1. Flashcards Flashcards can help those students that do not know how to correctly make them. That way students can make their own in the future either online or on paper.

5.1.2. Learn

5.1.3. Test

5.1.4. Spell Could be used for spelling tests or to learn a new language.

5.1.5. Personal lists

5.2. In Class quizzing

5.2.1. Gravity

5.2.2. Matching

5.2.3. By challenging other students in class, it could help them to study in more of a fun way.

5.3. Quizlet Learn

5.3.1. Study

6. High School Academics

6.1. Foreign Language

6.1.1. Vocabulary

6.2. Math

6.2.1. Equations

6.3. Science

6.3.1. Anatomy

6.3.2. Environmental

6.4. Social Studies

6.4.1. Maps EX. Cities, states, countries, territories, and oceans.

6.4.2. Events Sequences of dates Significant events EX. Wars, Great Depression, Imperialism, etc.

6.4.3. Psychology

6.5. Language Arts

6.5.1. Lierary Terms