Central Nervous System

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Central Nervous System by Mind Map: Central Nervous System

1. Peripheral Nervous System

1.1. The Peripheral Nervous system connects the brain and spinal chord to the rest of the body

2. Somatic Nervous System

2.1. The Somatic Nervous System is made up of axons responsible for converting messages from Sense Organs -> CNS or CNS -> Muscle. Essentially, it controls our voluntary movements, such as kicking a soccer ball

3. Sympathetic Nervous System

4. -Network or neurons that prepare the body for a 'fight or flight' response. Heightened Sympathetic activity would include increasing your heart rate or decreasing digestive activity. The ultimate goal, is to save the boys resources. It works with the parasympathetic nervous system in a "push-pull" manor and intact can be activated by the same stimuli

5. Consists of the brain & the spinal chord

6. Neurons that send information to body parts/organs leave the brain/central nervous system by efferent neurons

6.1. Efferent Neurons Branch off to numerous organs/limbs throughout the body.

6.1.1. Each neuron has a receptor that becomes depolarized during an activation signal If the signal is pain for example, specialized pain receptors send the pain signal back to the brain by afferent neurons so that the body can perform the appropriate response.

7. Autonomic Nervous System

7.1. The Autonomic Nervous System controls highly automatic/involuntary functions and targets organs such as the heart, intestines

8. Parasympathetic Nervous System

9. -Neurons that facilitate non-emergency responses commonly referred to as 'rest and digest'. During these times there will be more digestive activity