Is World War II Different then World War I?

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Is World War II Different then World War I? by Mind Map: Is World War II Different then World War I?

1. World War II

1.1. 1939 - 1945 Lasted 6 years

1.2. High number of casualties for all the nations involved in civilian and military personal

1.2.1. Name

1.2.2. Office hours

1.2.3. Contact

1.3. Axis Powers - Germany, Italy, Japan

1.4. U.S. Allies - Britain, France, Soviet Union, China

1.5. difficult to follow treaty of versaille, especially for Germany

1.5.1. E-learning

1.5.2. Student forum

1.6. Adolf Hitler led Germany to War

1.6.1. Allied with Italy and Japan against Soviet Union

1.6.2. September 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland

1.6.3. Spread across globe drawing U.S. and other countries

1.7. Fought using modern weapons and methods including the atomic bomb

1.8. Ended with defeat of Germany and Japan

1.8.1. Led to rise of 2 new world superpowers, USA and Soviet Union

1.8.2. United Nations established to prevent another war

2. World War I

2.1. Europe 1914-1918

2.2. Allied Powers - France, Britain, Russia, Japan, Italy

2.3. Central Powers - Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey

2.4. triggered by assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

2.5. Allies of Austria-Hungary invaded their enemies causing the two largest wars

2.6. Fought in the lines of trenches

2.7. Ended with Treaty of Versailles 1919

2.7.1. German took responsibility for the war

2.7.2. resulted in separation of Austria-Hungary into several states

2.7.3. independence of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland

2.7.4. lead to formation of league of Nations