Major Events of World War II

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Major Events of World War II by Mind Map: Major Events of World War II

1. African Theater Events

1.1. Italy invaded Egypt in September 1940

1.2. British pushes back the Axis powers in 1942

1.3. Hitler formed the African Krops

1.4. African Krops were led by Erwin Rommel

1.5. Fighting over the Suez Canal

1.6. Suez Canal the Gateway to Asia and other ports

2. European Theater Events

2.1. War was fought on two fronts East and West front

2.2. Germany's invasion of Poland started the war

2.3. Great Britain and France backed Poland

2.4. Soviet Union joins Germany in attack on Poland

2.5. Italy then declares war on Britain and France

2.6. France was defeated and Britain was left

2.7. Britain was heavily bombed which destroyed London

3. American Theater Events

3.1. In South America the first naval battle was fought

3.2. The Germans encountered the British

3.3. The resulted in a British win and a badly damaged German ship

3.4. Six spies from Germany came to the US to distract the US from the war

3.5. This didnt end well with four excuted

3.6. The other two were given thirty years sentence and deported to Germnay

3.7. Other spies were found in Canada but nothing happened to them

4. Pacific Theater Events

4.1. Attack on Pearl Harbor brought the US in to WWII

4.2. The Marshall and Gilbert Campaign was important

4.3. This was to push teh Japenese back

4.4. To establish airbases and other military operations near the Japanese

4.5. These battles were fought by Marines and Air force of the US

4.6. Mariana and Palau Island Campaign was like the campaign before

4.7. This got the US closer to the Japan mainland later to attack