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1. Trade relations Improve

1.1. Greater choices for consumers

1.2. Greater economic/financial interdependency

1.2.1. Countries can share resources or help countries that are not doing as well

1.2.2. Poorer countries can tap on richer countries to develop

2. Economic

2.1. Positive

2.1.1. Greater exchange of ideas in terms of technology, allowing countries to be on par with each other, as far as possible

2.1.2. Creation of Jobs due to TNCs

2.2. Negative

2.2.1. Widening income gap between the developing and developed countries, as well as between the rich and poor within a country Richer countries giving greater subsidies and benefits to their industries, and as a result, industries in poorer countries not able to compete

2.2.2. Brain drain due to greater mobility of labour Job insecurities

2.2.3. Exploitation of workers in third world countries Corrupt government officials not checking working conditions and pay of workers in sweatshops

3. Environment

3.1. Positive

3.1.1. Greater international collaboration in solving environment problems e.g. Haze in Indonesia, Global Warming etc

3.1.2. Spread of environmental messages and sharing of strategies to save the environment

3.2. Negative

3.2.1. Environmental Degradation Pollution from factories (TNCs) Deforestation

4. Social

4.1. Positive

4.1.1. Greater access to other cultures and traditions

4.1.2. Greater awareness and tolerance between different racial and religious groups - reduction in cultural barriers

4.1.3. Greater lifestyles choices, leading to increase in quality of life

4.1.4. Greater awareness of human rights violations in other countries

4.2. Negative

4.2.1. Loss/dilution of local culture and tradition Negative influence of foreign culture

4.2.2. Discontentment of citizens due to increasing rich/poor gap and influx of foreign workers - Social instability in the country

4.2.3. Spread of infectious diseases

4.2.4. Increase in social vices e.g. human trafficking, drugs etc

4.2.5. Easier for terrorists to communicate with each other, funds transfer, weapons acquisition etc