Psychology of Winning - Dennis Waitley

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Psychology of Winning - Dennis Waitley by Mind Map: Psychology of Winning - Dennis Waitley

1. 99% of the time

1.1. when the captain starts on the journey - he can not see the destination for 99% of the journey

1.2. If I follow the process and keep the vision

1.2.1. I will get to the destination

1.3. Trust the process

1.3.1. It will all work out

2. Resilience

2.1. Corals of great barrier reef

2.1.1. coral polyps on the inside of the Reef See is tranquil Coral is Dull and lifeless Coral dies rapidly with no challenge for growth and survival

2.1.2. Coral polyps on the outside Constantly being pummeled by waves Coral is colorful and lively Coral thrives and multiplies because it is being challenged every day

3. I AMs

3.1. Make 2 lists

3.1.1. I am Good at List 10 items Leverage them Use them They will get you everywhere

3.1.2. I need improvement in List 10 items Cut down to 3 Find people who excel at those 3 and learn from them

4. To Grow Self Esteem

4.1. We need to base our actions on

4.1.1. Our values and principles

4.1.2. Not our emotions

4.2. Constant and never ending self talk

4.2.1. Whenever you are reminded of it

4.2.2. Always on

5. Action TNT

5.1. Action Today - NOT tomorrow

5.2. Make this your life mantra

5.2.1. Do it NOW

5.3. Naopleon Bonaparte

5.3.1. Attack! I don't care about circumstances ... I make circumstances. Attack!

6. 30 Day all out attack

6.1. If you are challenged in certain area of life

6.2. Go all out on it for 30 days

6.2.1. Not for a lifetime

6.3. Give it all you've got

6.3.1. Give it maximum effort

7. Problems -> Opportunities

7.1. Make a list of our most challenging obstacles and problems

7.1.1. Write a 1-2 sentence definition of it

7.1.2. Now rewrite it - viewing that challenge as an opportunity

7.1.3. View it as you would if you were advising one of your best friends

8. Don't ask what life can give you - but instead ask what you can give to your life

8.1. Viktor Frankl

9. 95%

9.1. Earl Nightingale and Thomas Carlyle

9.2. 95% of people are like ship without rudders

9.2.1. They hope to find that island of happiness of success and riches

9.2.2. Get battered around by the waves and winds

9.2.3. End up on the rocks - wrecked

9.3. 5%

9.3.1. Have a vision and focus What do I stand for? What do I want

9.3.2. Go farther in a few years than what drifters do in a lifetime

10. Unknowing Daily Practice

10.1. Everyone is practicing every day

10.2. Most people are practicing the loosing move every day

10.2.1. Lack of self discipline

10.2.2. Limiting thoughts

10.2.3. Negative beliefs

11. Simulate your goals ALL the time

11.1. Visualize and feel your goals accomplished whenever you have free time

11.2. Shower

11.3. Upon waking up

11.4. Driving

11.5. Walking

11.6. Waiting for food at restaurant