Topic:Grammar Subtopic:Verbs

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Topic:Grammar Subtopic:Verbs by Mind Map: Topic:Grammar Subtopic:Verbs

1. E learning tools

1.1. base platform

1.1.1. Google Site

1.1.2. Class Dojo

1.2. Collect

1.2.1. youtube videos

1.2.2. Presentation flashcard maker Canva mind map Mindmeister Prezi teacher prepares the presentation

1.2.3. online educational games

1.3. Collaborate

1.3.1. facebook group & chat

1.3.2. email

1.3.3. H5P quizzes

1.4. Construct

1.4.1. Prezi students collaborate

1.4.2. WriteReader Learner create& publish story

1.4.3. online educational games

2. idea

2.1. A blog or website where

2.1.1. teacher can gather all students

2.1.2. teachers can do the teaching & build their teaching material

2.1.3. teacher can provide some resources to the students to kickstart their collecting process

2.1.4. students can collaborate with friends and teacher

2.1.5. students can complete task and do more practice to better understand the learning

2.1.6. teacher can see all the students' progress

2.1.7. students can test themselves to know where their level of understanding is

2.1.8. parents can also see what their children are learnng and where are their progress

2.2. inspired by

2.2.1. web development in Malaysia for all teachers however not many teacher use it due to the complication of the programme it is called VLE frog

3. Activities/Steps

3.1. Induction

3.1.1. Teacher explain generally about the topic

3.1.2. teacher also inform learners of the expected learning objectives

3.1.3. teacher talk about what they are going to do for the rest of the lesson

3.2. Collect

3.2.1. Students get to know verbs through YouTube Videos songs slide presentation

3.2.2. students can search for more info using YouTube search bar and google search

3.2.3. students familiarize themselves with verbs playing educational onlinegames

3.2.4. students can learn further from simple verbs to more complicated verbs accordingly

3.3. Collaborate

3.3.1. students discuss about verbs with teachers and friends through website feedback Facebook Chat

3.3.2. students can also send email to their paypal using appropriate verbs Facebook chat can also be used

3.3.3. students test their level of understanding answer quizzes play online educational games compete with others in completing the quizzes or games provide feedbacks to each other from the activities that they choose to complete

3.4. Construct

3.4.1. students choose to complete the verbs task according to their interest and level of understanding

3.4.2. students can also write story using correct verbs and then publish it to others

3.4.3. Students can collaborate with other students to create Prezi presentation about what they have learned

3.5. Closing

3.5.1. few students wrap up what they have learned for the day

3.5.2. teacher conclude everything about verbs and what they have done throughout the lesson

3.5.3. teacher praise students through Class Dojo Parents can also see their childrens' progress

4. Target students

4.1. Age 9-10 years old

4.2. Grade 4-5

4.3. Both advance and weak students

4.4. learners' need

4.4.1. Learners’ previous computer and network experience

4.5. students that learn English as second language

5. Lesson objectives

5.1. Students understand what is VERBS

5.2. Students can identify verbs in sentences

5.3. Students can use verbs correctly when constructing sentences

5.4. Students can apply the use of VERBS into everyday life

5.4.1. when communicating to others writting speaking

5.4.2. when creating a story

5.4.3. when completing task

6. Duration

6.1. 90 minutes

6.2. Can be done in 4 days grammar lesson