Cancer Healing

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Cancer Healing by Mind Map: Cancer Healing

1. Return to fundamentals immediately

1.1. Oxygen Therapy

1.1.1. Oxygen Generator (I own one of these that you're welcome to use when you get back on island)

1.1.2. Hyperbaric Therapy

1.1.3. Homozon

1.2. Structured Water

1.2.1. Kangen

1.2.2. Tyent USA Healthways in Waimea sells this water by the gallon.

1.2.3. Lemon - stevia - water

1.2.4. Spirit Water

1.3. Lymphatic circulation

1.3.1. Lymphatic Massage

1.3.2. Zaaz Movement Machine

1.3.3. Chi Machine (I own one of these that you're welcome to use when you get back on island)

1.3.4. Far Infrared Saunas

1.4. Sunlight

1.4.1. Supplement with Vitamin D3 + MSM

1.5. Bi-phasic sleeping

1.6. Cleansing Nutrients

1.6.1. Astringent Fruits 80% of caloric intake

1.6.2. Chlorophyll 10% of caloric intake

1.6.3. Plant fats 10% of caloric intake

2. Add traditional and advanced healing practices

2.1. Detox, DETox, DETOX!!!!

2.1.1. Your body wants to heal itself... purging built up toxic obstructions will allow your natural vitality and energy to flow This is the health modality I was formally trained in, so I acknowledge my heavy favoritism of cellular detoxification.

2.1.2. In addition to a standard detox kit, I'd add Upper Circulation herbal formulas because of the location of your cancer

2.1.3. Black Salve could be an option, but I don't know enough about the risks Alternative lymph detox formula

2.2. Cannabis

2.2.1. I defer to Dr. Kerr, Kristen, Dr. Oi and other experts we mutually know for their expert advice.

2.3. Bio-harmonics/bio-physics

2.3.1. Sound Therapy

2.4. Traditional Healing

2.4.1. Kambo

2.4.2. Ayahuasca

2.5. Allopathic

2.5.1. UCSF w/ Don Abrams

3. It is your destiny to document everything!

3.1. The world is clearly at a shift in the way we must approach healthcare and your message may be just the tipping point needed to bring us into the next age of wellness.

4. Your body is the healer and your mindset is the driver

4.1. Acceptance

4.1.1. I respect how you're accepting what is and taking responsibility for what you can do now and I'm honored to be part of your healing.

4.2. Gratitude

4.2.1. The impact of your film will be stronger as a result of facing this cancer yourself. Most leaders that left legacies for the world never lived to see the full realization of their impact. My intention is that you heal yourself completely in order to be an example.