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Mind Map Project By: Ashley Kunze by Mind Map: Mind Map Project By: Ashley Kunze
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Mind Map Project By: Ashley Kunze

Food Web

a bunch of different organisms like an ecosystem

Food Chain

one specific organism  


any form of life


group of individuals with the same species

Trophic Levels

each step in the transfer of energy through an ecosystem

Tertiary Consumers

third degree consumer


a tropical forest, usually of tall, densely growing, broad-leavedevergreen trees in an area of high annual rainfall.

Temperate deciduous forest

a forest that consists of trees that lose their leaves every year  

Freshwater Biome

biome consisting of water containing fewer salts then the water in a marine biome.

Marine biome

includes all bodies of salty water, such as oceans.

Biotic factors

living things

Abiotic factors

non-living things


veriation of life formed in a given ecosystem

Hot spots

streams of molten rock arise deep inside the earth and move upward through the crust to erupt on the surface or sea floor

Ecological Succession

a series of enviromental changes

Primary succession

begin in a place without soil caused by extreame floods and landslides

Limiting factors

conditions of the enviroment that limit the growth of a species

Carrying capacity

the number of individual organisms in a species

Population growth

growth in a population

Black plague

the epidemic form of bubonic plague exppierenced during the middle ages when it killed nearly half the people of western Europe

Water pollution

contamination of the water in lakes and rivers

point source pollution

pollution that comes from a single source such as a factory or wastewater treatment