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Courtney Rumbolt Who Am I? Personal Concept Map GLC 20 Mr. Singh by Mind Map: Courtney Rumbolt     Who Am I?             Personal Concept Map GLC 20                           Mr. Singh

1. Abilities

2. Career Clusters

3. Work Preferences

4. Values

5. Multiple Intelligences

6. Learning Style Quiz- Seeing, Hearing, doing

7. Workplace Skills/Traits

8. Top 5 Occupations

9. People, Data and Things

10. Art A/V tech communication~box 3

11. Information Technology~box 11

12. Health science~box 8

13. Publisher~ As I like writing and other skills that I feel are needed in this career choice such as a wild imagination.

14. Medical Laboratory Technician-This job appeals to me because it is included in the medical field along with sciences which i really enjoy. This made me think about this career for the future as it had many aspects that i like such as chemistry and bio.

15. Web Developer Job Responsibilities: The role is responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to function and according to a client's specifications.

16. Manual Dexterity Ability to move the hands easily and skillfully; to work with the hands in placing and turning motions.

17. Verbal Ability Ability to understand the meaning of words and the ideas associated with them, and to use them effectively; to comprehend language, to understand relationships between words and to understand the meaning of whole sentences and paragraphs; to present information or ideas clearly.

18. Form Perception Ability to perceive pertinent detail in objects and in pictorial and graphic material; to make visual comparisons and discrimination and to see slight differences in shapes and shadings of figures and widths and lengths of lines.

19. Instructing - Consulting/Supervising clarifying and presenting information, knowledge or skills to train, advise or direct others (may include animals). I respond to work that involves Instructing - Consulting/Supervising.

20. Operating - Manipulating/Tending manoeuvring the body or machinery/tools to operate and adjust controls or placement. I try to find work that involves Operating - Manipulating/Tending.

21. Compiling/Computing Gathering, sorting, and organizing information/data, or figuring out calculations.

22. Innovative Innovative persons like to explore things in depth and arrive at solutions to problems by experimenting. They are interested in initiating and creating different ways to solve questions and present information. They enjoy scientific subjects. Innovative persons prefer to be challenged with new and unexpected experiences. They adjust to change easily.

23. Methodical Methodical persons like to have clear rules and organized methods to guide their activities. They prefer working under the direction or supervision of others according to given instructions, or to be guided by established policies and procedures. Methodical persons like to work on one thing until it is completed. They enjoy following a set routine and prefer work that is free from the unexpected.

24. Social Social persons like dealing with people. They enjoy caring for and assisting others in identifying their needs and solving their concerns. Social persons like working and co-operating with others. They prefer to be involved in work that requires interpersonal contact.

25. Musical You can create, communicate, and understand meanings made out of sounds. Composers and musicians have this intelligence

26. Visual/Spatial You're able to perceive visual and spatial information and can create effective mental pictures. Architects, artists, and engineers have this intelligence.

27. Logical/Mathematical You appreciate abstract relationships and can use numbers effectively. Scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers have this intelligence.

28. Visual learning style You need to see information in a visual format and learn best from written information, diagrams, and pictures.

29. Doing learning style You need to receive information through touch and feel and learn best from hands-on work and movement.

30. Hearing learning style You need to hear information and learn best from lectures and conversations.

31. Architectural Drafters

32. Landscape Architects

33. Dancers

34. Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, and Illustrators

35. Photographers

36. Add to them based on your knowledge of yourself

37. Use them as a guide while you research occupations to make your career decision

38. Think about how you see the fit between the work and your values

39. You can include questions in your information interview relating to your important values.

40. Somewhat Important

41. Important

42. How I Like to Interact with Others I like to work independently with little or no supervision. I like work that lets me persuade or negotiate with others. I want work where I set and meet my own personal goals.

43. My Preferred Work Setting I would like to work outside all or some of the time. I like work that is physically challenging. I want a calm, peaceful work setting

44. My Work Style I want a work situation that's exciting and high-pressured. I enjoy work that requires attention to detail and accuracy. I want work that lets me use my creativity to think up new ways to do things. I want work with responsibilities that change frequently. I like work where I can solve problems and decide how things should be done.

45. My Work Motivations I'm motivated by work that allows me to help other people, either individually or in small groups. I want work that absorbs me, even if it takes up my leisure time. Money is not as important to me as a personal sense of satisfaction. The idea of making money motivates me a great deal. I want work that leaves me leisure time for my family and friends.

46. How I Like to Interact with Others I like to compete and put my skills and abilities against others. I would like to work with the public. I want work where I can influence the attitudes or opinions of others. I want work where I get to interact with a team of other people.

47. My Preferred Work Setting I enjoy a workplace with lots of fast-paced activity. I prefer indoor work. I want work that challenges my intellectual capacities. I would like to travel and experience different cultures and places.

48. My Work Style I enjoy work that has fixed hours and a set schedule.

49. My Work Motivations I'm not interested in managing other people. I'm motivated by work that allows me to manage just myself. I'm motivated by work that will improve the world.