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Research by Mind Map: Research


1.1. Wix

1.2. Camera

2. Article Research

2.1. Word

2.2. Vogue Magazine

2.3. Little White Lies. com

3. Ideas Research

3.1. Youtube

3.2. Pinterest

3.3. Google

3.4. Wix

3.5. Vimeo

4. Short Film Analysis

4.1. Youtube

4.2. Short Of The Week

4.3. Soundcloud

5. Poster Analysis

5.1. Little White

5.2. Photoshop

5.3. Wix

6. Director's Research

6.1. Youtube

7. Creating a mind map with the strings of research really helped clear and organise my mind and understand how helpful it was to use all these different media platforms. Each of them fed into the process of making the poster, article and film in totally different ways, nevertheless they were all extremely effective