Turing Machine

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Turing Machine by Mind Map: Turing Machine

1. It...

1.1. Is an abstract Mathematical Object

1.2. Describes infinitely operations

2. How does it work ?

2.1. 1. Input: Tape with a code of ones and zeros

2.2. 2. The machine looks at the tape one square at a time. Then follows some rules, transforming that string of ones and zeros into a diferent one.

2.3. 3. Output: Tape with a different code of ones and zeros.

3. Structure

3.1. Tape/Memory

3.1.1. The lenght is how you want it to be

3.1.2. Divide into cells, each one containing ones and zeros

4. Created by Alan Turing

5. V Neumann Architecture

5.1. Describes a design architecture for an electronic digital computer, which has...

5.1.1. Control unit containing an instruction register and program counter

5.1.2. Memory to store data and instructions

5.1.3. Mechanisms of input and output

5.1.4. External mass storage

5.1.5. Processing unit containing an arithmetic logic unit and processor registers

5.2. Structure

5.2.1. Motherboard RAM Contains all the processed data. Consists in a list of adresses (ones and zeros) that are processed one by one. CPU It's the brain of the computer where most calculations take place. Inputs, processes and outputs information