Defending North America

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Defending North America by Mind Map: Defending North America

1. Canada's Acceptance of Nuclear Weapons in 1963


1.1.1. Canada would go against its alliance with the UN who are progressing towards global disarmament Using nuclear devices could lead to global suicide Canada looks as if it is following the USA's lead instead of making their own decisions

1.2. FOR

1.2.1. With Canada's access to nuclear weapons, Canada could counter attack Russia's nuclear attacks Canada and the USA became allies Nuclear weapons were less expensive and more effective that Avro Arrows

2. The Scrapping of the Avro Arrow


2.1.1. Most of the scientists and engineers involved in the project moved to the US Negative public reaction marked the beginning of the decline of Diefenbaker's popularity, and led to his eventual defeat. Could have made the Canadian Air Force a threat by having that advanced of a craft in that time

2.2. FOR

2.2.1. Saved millions of tax payer dollars Could have possibly saved the lives of the pilots controlling the aircraft The craft could not fly long distance because its lack of fuel tank

3. Canada's role in the Cuban Missile Crisis


3.1.1. Canada delayed its efforts to help the US solve the crisis when Canada itself was also affected The relationship between Canada and the US was broken Canada's delay to respond to the US with a decision showed that Canada's government lacks direction

3.2. FOR

3.2.1. Canada would not have to be involved in a conflict that surrounded US officials Canada desired evidence great than just photographs because photos can be altered and faked Canada made its own decision instead of giving into the USA's plan