The History Of Taekwondo

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The History Of Taekwondo by Mind Map: The History Of Taekwondo

1. The overall best Taekwondo Athlete

1.1. Steven Lopez

1.2. He has been in every Olympics from 2000-2016

1.3. He represents the United States.

1.4. 2000 Sydney Olympic Gold Medalist, 2004 Athens Olympic Gold Medalist, 2008 Beijing Olympic Bronze Medalist, 2012 London Olympics Participant, 2016 Rio Olympic Participant

2. The early history of Taekwondo.

2.1. Taekwondo was created in Seoul Korea

2.2. Taekwondo was created in 1945

2.3. The fighting style of Taekwondo has changed a lot over the years.

2.4. It was created as a method of unarmed combat.

2.5. Korean General Choi is the creater of Taekwondo.

3. The beginning of Taekwondo

3.1. It became a Olympic sport in 1988

3.2. The first Taekwondo Olympics was in Seoul,Korea.

3.3. Ever since then Taekwondo has been a really great sport.