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Home by Mind Map: Home

1. Data Summary

2. Data Import

2.1. Name Import

2.2. Select Type

2.2.1. Types Billing Choose a data source Batch Processing Choose a data source User List Choose a data source Price List (Purchasing Info) Choose a data source License Choose a data source Inventory Choose a data source

2.3. Select Subtype

3. Data Summary

3.1. Home/Summary with Tabs

3.1.1. View Types Basic By Exposure Select a Reconcilation & Type Advanced Full Reconciliations Partial Reconciliations Modelled Reconciliations

4. Software Learning

4.1. Software Teaching

4.1.1. Current Recognition Status Recognized Unrecognized Accuracy Processing

4.1.2. Choose individual data sources for software teaching Select a phrase Teach

4.1.3. Filters Inventory Metering Price Lists Users Licenses Type to Filter

5. Reports

6. License Matching

6.1. Actions

6.1.1. Edit Note: Must have selected at least one record Details Purchase History Transfers Attachments Audit Log

6.1.2. Quick Edit Pop up Modal Properties Values

6.1.3. Commit Matches Assign Product to selected entitlements only Assign product to selected entitlements and all similar descriptions. Assign product to selected entitlements and all similar descriptions, also for future entitlement with these descriptions.

6.1.4. Start Auto Matching Re-runs the License Matching view

6.1.5. Top 5 Match Suggestions Currently a dropdown

7. Import History

8. Business Intelligence

8.1. Budgets Overview

8.1.1. All

8.1.2. Company

8.1.3. Project

8.1.4. Service

8.1.5. Business Unit

8.1.6. Cost Center

8.2. Static Reports

8.2.1. Downloadable Reports Software ELP [Vendor] Unknown Versions and Editions Compliance Entitlement Hardware Operating System Instance (OSI) Virtual OSI - Missing CPU Missing Unmatched Operating System Operating System Instance - No Software Physical Operating System Instance - Missing CPU Virtual OSI - No Parent Virtualization

8.3. Calendar

8.4. Vendor Workflow

8.4.1. Overview

8.4.2. [Vendor 1]

8.4.3. [Vendor 2]

8.4.4. [Vendor N]

8.5. Scenario Modeling

8.6. Project Tracking

8.7. Dashboards

8.7.1. Add New Dashboard

8.7.2. Standard Dashboard