The Ancient Roman Prostitute

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The Ancient Roman Prostitute by Mind Map: The Ancient Roman Prostitute

1. where did they work?

1.1. brothels

1.2. taverns/inns

2. how did they begin?

3. who were they?

3.1. definition: a person who engages sexual intercourse in exchange for money; harlot (definition from

3.2. often referred to as "meretrixes"; "she who makes commerce of her own body". (from

3.3. how were they treated?

3.3.1. often symbols of shame New node

3.3.2. forbidden to bring accusations against others; no voice in legal court

3.3.3. they would often be beaten, mutilated, or violated with a release from an obligation, liability, etc.

3.3.4. not allowed to attend public shows or sue for rape

3.4. who used them?

3.4.1. everyone. some authorites had their own slave

3.4.2. emperor diocletian even handed out tokens to ensure that every citizens sexual hunger was satisfied and that social order was kept

3.4.3. fathers would take their sons to brothels marked the child's becoming an adult

3.5. were they forced?

3.5.1. actually many women registered to be prostitutes so they wouldn't have to be charge with illicit behaviour with others and/or their lovers

4. prostitutes and the law

4.1. prostitutes were not allow to marry and no one could marry a prostitutes relatives or descendants

4.2. (according to justinian laws)

4.3. often fined, and occasionally banished

4.4. in 14 AD, tiberius put into legislation adultry

4.5. in the reign of Caligula (37-41 AD), taxes on registered prostitutes were introduced