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The Evolution of Weaponry by Mind Map: The Evolution of Weaponry
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The Evolution of Weaponry

Controlling Statement: In this paper, I am going to explain the types of weapons, the development of weapons, and the how weapons have changed over the course of times. Thesis: Weaponry is a major aspect that has many different types, impacts the whole world, and has developed over the history of time.

Medieval Weaponry

The cannon

Discovery of Iron

Long-distance weapons

ancient weaponry

hand weapons

distance weapons

after the middle ages to the 19th century

the first guns

dogs as weapons

tanks & airplanes

early weaponry

Discovery of bronze


the bow

Types of weaponry


swords, daggers, maces, warhammers


biological weapons

Small close arms combat weapons

Technology as a weapon

Modern weaponry

biological weapons

advanced guns

deadly equipment


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