Hunger in Africa

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Hunger in Africa by Mind Map: Hunger in Africa

1. Organizations Helping

1.1. Worldwide

1.2. Local

1.3. continental

2. People most effected

2.1. Poorer people

2.2. Does job effect it?

3. Countries Effected

3.1. Critically

3.2. Most Critically

4. Nations Helping

5. Is hunger directly related to poverty?

6. Stats and facts

7. Cause

7.1. Famine

7.1.1. Drought

7.1.2. Definition

7.2. Growing too little food for people and too many cash crops

8. What the Gov.s are doing about it

8.1. Facing the problem or turning a blind eye

8.2. Recieving help from other countries

9. Effects on other places because of it

10. Is it widely known, or being kept quiet?

11. History