British Identity

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British Identity by Mind Map: British Identity

1. Food and beverages

1.1. Twining tea, Marmite, English breakfast and fish and chips. They might not be as sophisticated as the French with croissant but Britishers are proud of their own food and quirks, they are pretty damn good too.

1.1.1. Fish and Chips

1.1.2. Why British love the taste of tea ?

1.1.3. What is a Pudding ?

1.1.4. English Breakfast

2. Complaints

2.1. Humoristic drawing

2.1.1. It seems like complaining about the weather has been the go-to conversation catalyst for Brits.

3. Music

3.1. Let It Be - Beatles

3.1.1. Despite being a tiny island in the North of Europe, British music has a big influence to the music industry until this very day. The odds are at least 5-10 songs on your iTunes or Spotify are made by British artists or you’ve heard about The Beatles.

4. Royal Family

4.1. It's just one of the core identities of Britain, that is adoring and cherishing the Windsors.

4.1.1. 25 reasons why we love the Queen

4.1.2. Kate and William Royal Family


5.1. The currency is the pound

6. NHS and BBC

6.1. Do all you want about the Dailymail or The Sun or anything else, but don't fuck with the NHS and BBC, otherwise they will go all ballistic to anyone messing with them.

6.1.1. What is the National Health Service (NHS) ?

6.1.2. What is the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) ?

7. Invention

7.1. UK has been a significant part of history of the world with your inventions like USA, Newton’s law, World Wide Web, theory of evolution, Shakespeare, the list goes on, and of course, most importantly, the chocolate bar.

7.1.1. Shakespear

7.1.2. Newton's law

7.1.3. Theory of evolution

8. English language

8.1. Why English is important ?

8.1.1. Isn't it nice when you go to some obscure part of the world and you just speak your own language or at least say "do you speak English?" if you can't say a word of the local language? Hell, you get to charm those people with your cockney accent, come on.

9. Swearing

9.1. Swearing meme

9.1.1. There is nothing like the Scottish and northern English level of swearing in particular, boy do they swear.

10. Cloud of Words

11. Glog

12. Quizz Letter