Small (Class A) Developments - Online Changes

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Small (Class A) Developments - Online Changes by Mind Map: Small (Class A) Developments - Online Changes

1. Premises

1.1. Look at wording e.g. are you registering 2 units but only need 1 connection

1.2. Ask if Premises is a "Granny Flat"

1.2.1. Ask if seprate utilities and address for the granny flat?

1.2.2. Otherwise, re-direct them to contact RSP for a second service

1.3. Service Class 1 – redirect to rollout maps to select RSP

1.3.1. do an address check using Address Resolver (as per pre-installs)

1.4. Look at automation of redirect from Class A to Class B

2. Contact

2.1. Change "Contact Details" to "Applicant Details"

2.1.1. Make explicit that applicant is the only contact

2.1.2. Make explicit that they will get the invoice

2.2. If contact is not billing contact - can we change to another?

2.2.1. Sam Dawe checking with Billing and lawyers

3. Applicant Role

3.1. Owner-Builders

3.1.1. Show as a separate option

3.2. Owner Occupier

3.2.1. Rename Owner-Occupier to resident/tenant

3.2.2. Only show this option for 1 Premises Residential

4. Letter

4.1. Removed from online form

4.2. Provided after payment has been made

4.2.1. Automation online or Eloqua


5.1. Must be a future date

5.2. Add option to advise already occupied, if Yes, then set EFSCD to today's date

5.3. How long have you lived in these premises? question

5.3.1. DLC Determine Brownfields missed (need business rules) – CRM status required for redirecting to correct team

5.3.2. Need to track separate workflow in CRM - Amy to provide process

5.4. T&C’s include 6 months’ notice

5.4.1. Make sure this is clearly stipulated

6. Addresses

6.1. change "or" to "and/or" between Street Nos. and Lot No.s

7. LiC Location

7.1. Amy to determine whether we need any more than current

7.2. Provide separate diagrams for granny flats?

7.2.1. Danealle will provide


8.1. Determine if in FTTN area

8.2. Send different link for building prep

8.3. Does anything change for pre-installs?