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R.E. Summer Exam by Mind Map: R.E. Summer Exam

1. GOOD COMMUNICATION between religious groups

2. Church of Ireland

2.1. Leadership

2.1.1. Archbishop of Armagh/Canterbury Guides the whole of the Church of Ireland faith

2.1.2. Bishops They are in charge of dioceses Rector Celebrate the sacraments Look after parishioners

2.1.3. Deacon A person who is training to be a rector Studies in college while helping out in church

2.1.4. Lay Reader Baptised lay person from parish Trained to preach sermons and lead some religious services

2.1.5. Lay Person Teach in Sunday schools


2.2. Sacraments

2.2.1. Baptism Babies are baptised

2.2.2. Holy Communion Taking of bread and wine once a month

2.3. Religious Commitment

2.3.1. Attending church services

2.3.2. Celebrating sacraments

2.3.3. Living good Christian lives

2.4. Confirmation

2.4.1. Children aged 12-14 promise to live good Christian lives

2.4.2. They are confirmed by the Bishop

2.4.3. They are now in charge of their faith

2.4.4. Important, but not a sacrament

2.5. Sunday Worship

2.5.1. Prayers

2.5.2. Hymns

2.5.3. Sermon

2.5.4. Communion (Sometimes)

2.5.5. Bible readings

2.5.6. Blessing and dismissal

3. Sectarianism

3.1. Northern Ireland

3.1.1. Violence and death 3500 killed

3.1.2. May 1969 - The Troubles

3.1.3. 1998 - Good Friday Agreement

3.1.4. Divided Communities Fearful Hatred

3.1.5. Catholics vs Protestants

3.1.6. COMMUNITY BREAKDOWN! Disruption in group due to lack of communication, co-operation etc

3.2. Hatred of people due to religion

4. Ecumenism

4.1. Corrymeela

4.1.1. Tolerance between Catholics and Protestants

4.1.2. Christian community

4.1.3. Rev. Ray Davey - founder - 1960s

4.1.4. Talking about differences and similarities in relaxed and calm manner

4.1.5. Try to keep up understanding when return home

4.2. Taize

4.2.1. FRANCE

4.2.2. Brother Roger Schultz - founder - 1940s

4.2.3. All Christians

4.2.4. Work for Christian Unity

4.2.5. Ecumenical services Prayers and chants

4.2.6. Try to keep up understanding when return home


4.4. Christian Unity Week

4.5. Ecumenical services

4.5.1. Prayers

4.5.2. Hymns

4.5.3. Bible readings

4.5.4. Sermon or homily

5. Interfaith Dialogue

5.1. World Day of Peace

5.1.1. 1986, 1993, 2002

5.1.2. Religious leaders to Assisi

5.1.3. All leaders pray for World Peace

5.2. Three Faiths Forum

5.2.1. Sir Sigmund Sternberg, the Sheikh Dr Zaki Badawi and Revd Dr Marcus Braybrooke - founded - 1997

5.2.2. Muslims, Christians and Jews

5.2.3. Understand and accept people's faiths


5.4. The Prodigal Son

5.4.1. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism

5.5. Aims

5.5.1. Promote contact between religions

5.5.2. Build trust between people of different religions

5.5.3. Develop respect and tolerance of other religions

5.5.4. Prevent religious conflict

6. Map of Palestine

6.1. Galilee

6.1.1. Capernaum

6.1.2. Cana

6.1.3. Nazareth

6.2. Samaria

6.3. Judaea

6.3.1. Jericho

6.3.2. Jerusalem

6.3.3. Bethany

6.3.4. Bethlehem

7. Religious groups

7.1. Pharisees

7.1.1. God's law, not Roman's law

7.1.2. Yes Messiah - a King who would establish a peaceful Palestine free from foreign rule

7.2. Sadducees

7.2.1. Roman rule - best for all, really

7.2.2. No Messiah

7.3. Zealots

7.3.1. Romans out! No surrender

7.3.2. Yes Messiah - brave warrior who would drive the Romans out

7.4. Essenes

7.4.1. Roman rule? We're out!

7.4.2. N Messiah

8. Parables and Miracles

8.1. Parable

8.1.1. A short story told by Jesus to teach people about the Kingdom of God

8.1.2. A simple story with an underlying message

8.1.3. Ordinary, everyday things Easy to understand and remember

8.1.4. The Lost Sheep

8.1.5. The Mustard Seed

8.1.6. The Sower

8.1.7. The Good Samaritan

8.2. Miracle

8.2.1. Healing Miracles The Blind Man, Bartimaeus

8.2.2. Expelling Miracles The Boy With the Evil Spirit

8.2.3. Nature Miracles Calming A Storm

8.2.4. Raising Miracles Jairus' Daughter

9. Kingdom of God

9.1. Jesus spoke about the kingdom of God using parables to explain

9.2. Heaven on Earth

9.3. Everyone would love God and one another

9.4. Its is found in the goodness of people's hearts

10. Last Supper, Death and Resurrection

10.1. Last Supper

10.1.1. Passover: A Jewish festival to celebrate Exodus Memorial: Something done to honour and remember someone or something Sacrifice: Something of value offered to God for the sake of others

10.1.2. The Last Supper was a Passover meal

10.1.3. The first Eucharist

10.1.4. Breaking of the bread and drinking of the wine It had a new meaning

10.2. Death

10.2.1. Martyrdom: A willingness to suffer and/or die for one's beliefs or a special cause

10.2.2. Jesus was crucified

10.3. Resurrection

10.3.1. Resurrection: The central Christian belief that Jesus rose from the dead three days after he died Transformation: A complete change in appearance and nature Presence: The fact that Jesus truly exists and is present here and now

10.3.2. Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Mary Empty tomb!

10.3.3. Angel spoke to them, " Do not be afraid; Jesus has risen."

10.3.4. The women told the disciples, but they did not believe at first.

10.3.5. Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene

11. S.V.P.

11.1. Founder - Frederic Ozanam 1820-130s

11.1.1. University in Paris

11.1.2. Roman Catholic

11.1.3. "I'm tired of talking. Let's act." Inspiring Vision

11.1.4. Helped the poor SVP!!

11.2. Work of S.V.P.

11.2.1. Home visits

11.2.2. Money Management

11.2.3. Hospital/Prison Visits

11.2.4. Homework Clubs

11.2.5. Meals on Wheels

11.2.6. Hostels

11.3. Commitment

11.3.1. Christian beliefs into action

11.3.2. One afternoon/ evening a week helping

11.3.3. Attending meetings

11.4. Leadership

11.4.1. National Council

11.4.2. Regional Councils

11.4.3. Area Councils

11.4.4. Local Conferences