Narciso's Mythologies

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Narciso's Mythologies by Mind Map: Narciso's Mythologies

1. Narcissus

1.1. self-sufficience -- "he who approves is equally approved" -- the self as a perfect and constant lover

1.2. self-love, but seen outside the self; reflecting his passions on the world

1.3. brought out by

1.3.1. himself

1.3.2. Scarlet, Henrik, both are different mirrors for him

2. Dionysus

2.1. abandon, decadence, transcendence through decadence

2.2. conflicts with Apollo

2.2.1. independence from society, social concerns -- devil may care, but I don't!

2.3. brought out by

2.3.1. Scarlet, his maenad

2.3.2. people's he tried to tempt out of themselves and into revelry Gabriel Flynn new-to-the-Neath Henrik Gabriel Coppercrow at Eris's party Asher sometimes Cassius with Black Wings and wassailing Louis probably much more!

3. Hermaphroditos

3.1. bigendered beauty, Hermes and Aphrodite

3.2. conflicts and connects with Narcissus

3.2.1. self-sufficient? some myths say s/he was born like this

3.2.2. others say a nymph fell in love with Hermaphroditos and prayed to be united with him -- the loss of self-suficience

3.3. connects with Dionysus

3.3.1. a similiar transcendence -- especially Dionysus as pseudanor, a false man

3.4. filled with possibilities, not as well-explored as the other figures

3.5. brought out by

3.5.1. anyone who's indulged in him his duality his lovers, Henrik and Cassius, for being particularly indulgent

3.5.2. Eris, asking about his/her gender identity, saying she'd find Narciso desirable in either aspect

4. Orpheus

4.1. a musician in the dark, an inspiration, makes Furies cry and stones dance

4.2. conflicts with Narcissus

4.2.1. must be separate from the one he loves and suffer for the separation

4.2.2. sacrifices self for love -- an impossibility for Narcissus

4.2.3. cannot look at his love without losing it, or so Narciso fears

4.3. brought out by

4.3.1. Henrik, when Narciso went through the Heart's Mirror for him

4.3.2. Scarlet, his maenad

5. Apollo

5.1. idealism and civilization -- Helios for the light he brings to other people's lives

5.2. connects with Orpheus

5.2.1. the music and the inspiration -- the only god Orpheus did not forsake from grief

5.3. brought out by

5.3.1. Scarlet, who calls her his Helios

5.3.2. Cassius, who calls him sunlight

5.3.3. Izzy, who called him shiny

5.3.4. Henrik, who calls him the best of men -- and means something like Izzy's 'shiny'