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Haematology by Mind Map: Haematology

1. WBC

1.1. Increased

1.1.1. Neutrophilia Reactive Bacterial infection Autoimmune Tissue necrosis Malignant CML

1.1.2. Eosinophilia Reactive Parasite infection Allergic Malignant Hodgkin Non-Hodgkin T Cell CML Chronic eosinophilic leukemia

1.1.3. Basophilia Reactive Pox virus Malignant CML

1.1.4. Monocytosis Reactive TB Brucella Malignant CML

1.1.5. Lymphocytosis Reactive Infectious Inflammation Malignant CLL NHL

2. Clotting disorders

2.1. Thrombophilia (platelet problem)

2.1.1. Autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura

2.2. Coagulopathy (clotting factor problem)

2.2.1. Haemophilia A (Factor VIII)

2.2.2. Haemophilia B (Factor IX)

2.2.3. Haemophilia C (Factor Xi)

2.2.4. Von Willebrandt disease (VWF)

3. RBC

3.1. Decreased

3.1.1. IDA due to blood loss

3.1.2. Leucoerythroblastic anaemia due to BM infiltration Cancer Myelofibrosis Infection

3.1.3. Haemolytic anaemia Acquired Immune-mediated Non immune-mediated Hereditary Membrane Enzyme Haemoglobin

3.2. Increased

3.2.1. Polycythemia Relative True Primary Secondary