Musicking 2017

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Musicking 2017 by Mind Map: Musicking 2017

1. MMMS "school" "work"

1.1. LionHeart (auditioned 8th grade women) [16]

1.1.1. Hershey Trip: May 19 & 20 2 choirs and 2 bands perform for judges overnight trip with ~80 kids you will likely get amusing updates

1.1.2. Tundra (Fall 2016, with strings)

1.1.3. O Yo Yo (Spring 2016)

1.2. Royalaires (auditioned, 7th & 8th grade mixed) [45]

1.2.1. have to perform at this Board Meeting thing in June (stupid)

1.2.2. are kind of the best children

1.2.3. meet for hours each week and learn insane music <3 Hallelujah (PTX cover, 2017) Gaudete (2016)

1.3. 8th Grade (non-auditioned) [68]

1.3.1. will be competing on June 1 and then going to Six Flags because WHY NOT

1.4. Men's Choir (6-8) [32]

1.4.1. are singing at the Changing of the Guard in June (a bizarre ceremony I created)

1.5. 7th Grade (non-auditioned) [60]

1.5.1. just finished the first round of hearings for next year

1.5.2. sometimes we sing in Arabic

1.6. 6th Grade (non-auditioned) [48]

1.6.1. just finished the first round of hearings for next year

1.6.2. they are tiny but sort of decent

1.7. 7th Grade Bell Choir (auditioned) [11]

1.8. Royal Ringers (auditioned handbell choir) [11]

1.8.1. are performing at graduation on June 21 in front of thousands of people (really; my school is crazy)

2. Impulse Handbell Ensemble

2.1. "Time and Space" concert June 4

2.1.1. encore: Stairway to Heaven

2.2. rehearses on Sundays

2.3. occasionally involves light sabers and laser tag

2.4. technically owned by Steve but not really functionally

2.5. performance at Monmouth Mall June 10

2.6. possibly doing a competition June 11 (but I am starting to reach capacity for Things)

3. Untitled HS Choir Project

3.1. Planetarium concert

3.2. Elements concert

3.3. Various outreach performances

3.4. involves my current & former 8th grade students

4. TBJ "Synagig" "temple job"

4.1. some Friday evenings, some Saturday mornings (I am subbing for a friend)

4.2. eventually I will get a regular gig like this

4.3. involves sight reading Hebrew from an iPad

5. Solo Career

5.1. voice lessons

5.1.1. Handel "Let the Bright Seraphim" (July 2016)

5.2. Amherst Early Music Festival

5.2.1. two weeks in CT in July

5.2.2. opera program with Julianne Baird (L'Erismena)

5.3. house concerts in Chelsea (every other month I suppose?)

5.4. auditions for choral contractors & professional choirs

5.5. Minuetto Music Festival

5.5.1. end of June, in NJ

5.6. various recitals

5.6.1. Actor's Chapel, NYC "Fair Robin I Love" (Mechem)

6. St. Bart's "church [job]"

6.1. every Sunday morning & afternoon

6.2. professional choir

6.3. occasional concerts/special services

6.4. busiest seasons are December (Christmas) and March/April (Holy Week/Easter)

7. Professional Organizations

7.1. ACDA

7.1.1. American Choral Directors' Association

7.1.2. NJ State Conference (July)

7.1.3. National Conference (March) submitted research (pending decision)

7.1.4. All State Honor Choir (May) 8 students accepted this year judged auditions & led sectionals

7.2. CJMEA

7.2.1. Regional Honor Choir helped w/ auditions & led sectionals

8. Simpatico Vocal Ensemble

8.1. professional vocal jazz quintet (formerly sextet)

8.2. various concerts and recordings

8.3. probably RIP due to personal conflicts

8.4. founder/artistic director

8.5. Monteverdi "Ah Dolente Partita" (June 2016)

8.6. "Words" (June 2016)

9. Western Wind Vocal Ensemble

9.1. professional sextet that leads annual workshops each summer

9.2. I went every year, usually to both weeks, since 2011

9.2.1. where I met the members of Simpatico

9.2.2. responsible for starting my performing career

9.3. for personal reasons (social drama) and also musical reasons (moving on) I will likely not be going this year

9.3.1. I have a pending phone call with the executive director and his wife, not sure why exactly

10. Harmonium Choral Society

10.1. Stanford - "For lo, I raise up:" (June 2015)

10.2. Whitacre - "Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine"(June 2011)