Self Portrait

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Self Portrait by Mind Map: Self Portrait

1. Multiple Intelligences

1.1. my highest was logical

1.2. my lowest was intrapersonal

2. Study Strategies

2.1. organize/sequence/develop/analyze

3. Successful Intelligences

3.1. I need to work on my practical thinking skills

3.2. I am strong in the field of analytical thinking

4. Personality Spectrum

4.1. I fall under the categories of thinker and giver

4.2. I'm weaker in the category of organizing

5. Emotional Intelligence

5.1. my area of strength was self motivation

6. BE

6.1. has no preference for sound

6.2. integrated thinking approach (analytic, global)

6.3. requires bright light

6.4. more impulsive than reflective

7. Teaching Styles

7.1. logical/conceptual and visual focus

8. Interests

8.1. dogs

8.2. swimming

8.3. reading

8.4. gardening

8.5. linguistics

9. O*Net

9.1. my highest was investigative

9.2. my lowest was realistic

9.3. I fit in the categories of medicine, law, and science