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Plants by Mind Map: Plants
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Want to know

What is inside the seed?

How plants make food?

Which plant make oil?

How the tree is formed?

How fruits are formed.

How many body parts are there in a plant.

Does every plant have stem?

Does every plant response to the environment?

Did every plant is same as Cactus?

why is every part important?

Know about it

Plants are living thing.

They make nectar.

They give off oxygen and take in carbondioxide.

They make their own food with the help of sunlight.

Plants keeps the environment fresh.

Plants need water and sunlight to make chlorophyll.

Plants also respire.

Plants are the producers.

Plants are the source of nutrients for human beings too.

Plants make their food in the process of photosynthesis.

Plants are the make air clean.

Plants are important to us as they provide food,shelter,medicinces even the air we breathe.

plants are most imortant for our life because of the oxygen they provide and they help more rainfall from which we get water and water is also the most important part of being alive

What do you learn