Early Childhood Literacy Development

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Early Childhood Literacy Development by Mind Map: Early Childhood Literacy Development

1. Children progress through emergent, beginning, and fluent levels of proficiency when it comes to literacy development.

2. Phases of Development in Reading & Writing for Children Infants - 3rd Grade:

2.1. Phase 1: Awareness & Exploration

2.2. Phase 2: Experimental Reading & Writing

2.3. Phase 3: Early Reading & Writing

2.4. Phase 4: Transitional Reading & Writing

2.5. Phase 5: Independent & Productive Reading & Writing

3. Giving children support & the resources they need help enhance their literacy development process

3.1. Resources to ensure small class sizes, helping children get the one-on-one time they need with their teachers.

3.2. Resources to ensure appropriate assessments on literacy actives. This helps teachers reach children in every area they need help in.

3.3. Resources for accessible health care for these children can help them in the long run to focus & help mentally.

4. Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing are the four main focuses throughout all of literacy development areas.

5. Stage 1: Emergent

5.1. Proficiency

5.2. Recognizes Letters

5.3. Shows interest in writing

6. Stage 2: Beginning

6.1. Starting to read, but slowly

6.2. Phonetic spelling

6.3. Able to write one sentence

7. Stage 3: Fluent

7.1. Can read independently & sometimes with expressions.

7.2. Starting to use writing processes.

7.3. Proper grammar used