Understanding the Web

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Understanding the Web by Mind Map: Understanding the Web

1. https://youtu.be/W7FOk1-Jzus

2. Finding information

2.1. Can be Helpful

2.2. Can be misleading

2.2.1. Make sure sources are correct and useful

2.2.2. Double check information

3. Using information

3.1. Copyright and Creative Commons

3.2. Remmeber not to plargarise

3.2.1. Always credit your source

3.3. Practise writing information in own words

4. internet

4.1. Provides information on various topics.

5. Explore

5.1. Different topics

5.2. range of different materials

5.2.1. Pereview journals, ebooks, webpages. etc

6. Variety

6.1. Movies

6.2. Music

6.3. Books

6.4. Journals

6.5. Blogs

6.6. Advertisment

7. How to be a critical user of the web

7.1. Look beyond the first result from search engine.

7.2. Can not believe everything you read

7.2.1. Check more than one source

7.3. Websites that have numerous amounts of advertisements may not be useful.

7.4. Check dates. Is the article/information relevant?

8. Good for teachers and students

8.1. Good to start research with websites you know are good already

8.1.1. Library Websites

8.2. Good to use critical evaluation to see if the information is given is what you are looking for and relevant.

8.3. Allows students to learn to find their own information on topics

8.4. Teaches the students how to be independent with their one learning

8.5. Teacher guides students and gives them the resources but not the answers.

8.6. Help the teacher get resources and ideas for lessons and topics.

9. http://www.photosforclass.com/download/6012029995

10. WWW

11. Links

11.1. http://www.worldwidetreasurehunt.com

11.2. https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/articles/teaching-content/taking-charge-web-your-classroom/

11.3. http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/ict/ict3.htm