Cammy White (1st Draft)

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Cammy White (1st Draft) by Mind Map: Cammy White (1st Draft)

1. Combos

1.1. BNBs

1.1.1. st.MP > cr.MP xx ender

1.1.2. cr.LP > st.LP xx ender

1.1.3. cr.LK > st.LP xx ender

1.1.4. st.MP > st.HP xx ender

1.2. Counter Hit

1.2.1. cr.LP (CH) > cr.MP xx ender

1.2.2. st.LK (CH) > cr.LK > st.LP xx ender

1.2.3. cr.MP (CH) > cr.MK xx ender

1.2.4. b.MP (CH) > st.HP xx ender

1.3. Crush Counter

1.3.1. st.HK > dash forward > b.MP > st.HK xx ender (works at max range)

1.3.2. st.HK > dash forward > b.MP > st.HK xx EX hooligan cannon strike > ender (works at max range)

1.3.3. st.HK > slight walk forward > st.MP > st.HP xx ender

1.4. V-Trigger

1.4.1. Note: After VT spiral arrow the enemy is left in a juggle state. Off of this juggle state you can juggle into Super, VT cannon spike, or if you run out of V-Trigger EX cannon spike

1.4.2. st.MP > st.HP xx VT activation > st.HP xx Spiral arrow

1.4.3. cr.HP xx VT activation > cr.MK xx spiral arrow

1.5. Stun

1.5.1. j.HP > b.MP xx st.HK xx LK spiral arrow > EX cannon spike (Only in corner)

1.5.2. j.HP > f.HK > cr.MP xx ender

1.6. Combos into super

1.6.1. You can take basically any 0 bar combo ending in cannon spike or spiral arrow and tack super onto the end.

1.7. Enders

1.7.1. LK spiral arrow Least corner carry and damage out of all the spiral arrows, most of the time won't be the best option.

1.7.2. MK spiral arrow Useful in juggle situations where you need more corner carry. Does more damage than HK spiral arrow in juggles since only the second hit of HK spiral arrow connects in that situation.

1.7.3. HK spiral arrow Generally your midscreen ender off of grounded combos. Whether the opponent does quick or back rise you get oki off of this midscreen. This move also has better corner carry than cannon spike.

1.7.4. EX spiral arrow Higher damage ender than normal cannon spike for situations where EX cannon spike won't reach but you need the damage. Beware of using this on a cornered opponent since it side switches.

1.7.5. LK cannon spike Will whiff on a lot of ground combos, Can be used in some juggles

1.7.6. MK cannon spike Will also whiff in some ground combos. More reliable than LK in juggles.

1.7.7. HK cannon spike Midscreen the opponent will be able to back rise and you won't get any oki off of this. However in the corner this is a useful ender since it yields higher damage and stun than spiral arrow.

1.7.8. EX cannon spike Will whiff in the same places as LK cannon spike, higher damage option when you can manage to hit it.

2. Oki

2.1. HK spiral arrow

2.1.1. Dash forward > cr.lp >cr.lp Cammy's way to cover both quick rise and back rise. Important against characters like Ibuki where you can't tell if they quick or back rise.

2.1.2. Quick rise Walk forward > manual timed normal

2.1.3. Back rise Walk forward > manual timed normal

2.2. HK cannon spike

2.2.1. Midscreen Quick rise Dash forward > normal Back rise Nothing

2.2.2. Corner Quick rise Dash forward > normal Back rise Dash forward > manual timed normal

2.3. Forward throw

2.3.1. Outside of the corner Cammy gets nothing off of throw

2.3.2. In the corner Cammy has no true throw loops, however you can stop them from mashing with slight walk forward st.LK

2.4. Back throw

2.4.1. Outside the corner Cammy gets nothing off of a throw

2.4.2. If Cammy back throws the opponent into the corner she can manually time forward throw after for a throw loop, however after the forward throw the throw loop is over since forward throw doesn't loop into itself.

3. Neutral

3.1. Pokes

3.1.1. st.MK The God. covers a lot of horizontal space, cannot cancel.

3.1.2. cr.MK Also a great poke, slightly less range than st.MK, however this poke is low and can cancel, so it's good for catching people walking back.

3.1.3. st.HP Good poke for closer up, has great priority and is easy to 1 hit confirm off of.

3.1.4. st.MP Good for buffering in mid range, not the best range but it has a solid hitbox and great active frames so it'll beat out a lot of pokes.

3.2. Anti-Airs

3.2.1. Close jump b.MP Can dash under for a mixup, far less reliable after 3.0 patch LK cannon spike Best for crossups since it autocorrects if you time it correctly MK cannon spike Good for semi close jumps, will whiff if you attempt to autocorrect with this Air throw Kinda useless tbh

3.2.2. Far jump st.HK If it crush counters you can juggle with st.lp for the reset or cannon spike for damage. MK cannon spike HK cannon spike Good for catching neutral jumps, No strike invuln but the hitbox is still good enough to use as an AA.

4. Offense

4.1. Frame Traps

4.1.1. st.MP > cr.MP (2 frames)

4.1.2. st.MP > st.HP (3 frames)

4.1.3. st.MP > cr.MK (4 frames)

4.1.4. st.LK > b.MP (3 frames)

4.1.5. st.LK > cr.LP (3 frames)

4.1.6. st.LP > cr.MP (3 frames)

4.2. Tick throws

4.2.1. st.LK Pretty much the god for tick throws, extremely low push back and it's +1

4.2.2. cr.LP Still good for tick throws despite being 0 ob

4.3. Shimmies

4.3.1. st.HP

4.3.2. st.MP > st.HP

4.3.3. cr.MK Can one hit confirm into spiral arrow or V-Trigger

4.3.4. cr.HP Can cancel into V-trigger or super for very good damage

5. Matchups (WIP)

5.1. Original Cast

5.1.1. Laura

5.1.2. M. Bison

5.1.3. Ryu

5.1.4. Chun-Li

5.1.5. Nash

5.1.6. Birdie

5.1.7. Ken

5.1.8. Necalli

5.1.9. Vega

5.1.10. R. Mika

5.1.11. Rashid

5.1.12. Karin

5.1.13. Zangief

5.1.14. Dhalsim

5.1.15. F.A.N.G

5.2. Season 1

5.2.1. Balrog

5.2.2. Urien

5.2.3. Juri

5.2.4. Ibuki

5.2.5. Guile

5.2.6. Alex

5.3. Season 2

5.3.1. Akuma

5.3.2. Kolin

5.3.3. Ed

6. Special Moves

6.1. Spiral arrow

6.1.1. LK Least damage, does 1 hit, and goes the slowest, useful for juggle combos mostly but not much else.

6.1.2. MK Medium damage, does 1 hit, goes medium speed and distance. Best for mid range whiff punishes since a lot of the time you'll only get the second hit of HK spiral arrow.

6.1.3. HK Highest damage, speed, and distance, does 2 hits. Standard combo ender, gives you the most reliable oki.

6.1.4. EX Higher damage than HK spiral arrow, has projectile invuln starting on frame 1 so this is your go to tool when being zoned with projectiles.

6.1.5. VT Projectilve invuln after frame 5, Leaves opponent in juggle state after.

6.2. Cannon Strike

6.2.1. LK Steepest angle

6.2.2. MK In between

6.2.3. HK Closest to horizontal angle

6.2.4. EX Easiest to be +. Leaves the opponent in a juggle state on hit.

6.2.5. VT Godlike. +4 on block at any height, so if they don't AA it it's basically just a free mixup. +6 on hit so you can combo into st.MP > st.HP xx ender after

6.3. Cannon Spike

6.3.1. LK Will drop in most ground combos, useful for juggles in some cases such as from EX hooligan divekick. Go to AA since it's stike invuln from frame 3 and doesn't whiff on autocorrect.

6.3.2. MK Also not very useful as a combo ender, useful as an AA since it also has strike invuln after frame 3. DO NOT USE as an autocorrect, it will whiff and you'll get crush countered.

6.3.3. HK Go to ender if you want to end with cannon spike, has the most range so it'll drop the least. has projectile invuln after frame 3.

6.3.4. EX Cammy's invincible reversal. Has the same combo utility as LK cannon spike since they share the same trajectory and hitbox.

6.3.5. VT Invuln on frame 1, juggles from VT spiral arrow.

6.4. Hooligan

6.4.1. Grab Overall not a very good option for Cammy, you can use it once or twice per set in order to catch them off guard but that's about it. If you become reliant on this you'll just get Anti-Aired.

6.4.2. Cannon Strike Pretty much just a worse Cannon strike, it's a lot easier to AA for the entire cast. EX can be used in some combos, see the combo section to see which ones.

6.4.3. Slide Pretty gimmicky option, non EX leaves Cammy -2 and is easy to AA for the enemy. While EX is +2 it's still gimmicky because if you use it too much your opponent will just AA you.

6.5. V-skill

6.5.1. Goes through projectiles, but it's slow and easily baited. If you throw this out too much you will be crush countered.

6.6. Super

6.6.1. Goes through projectiles, so it's a good option to close off rounds vs fireball happy opponents. Double forward dash up after for a meaty.

7. Other Notes

7.1. For comprehensive frame data you can download Frame Assistant Tool on Android and IOS, or use the online version at