Thematic Curriculum - Colour

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Thematic Curriculum - Colour by Mind Map: Thematic Curriculum - Colour

1. The colours in landscapes and old masters- related to technology/science

2. PE

2.1. Olympic rings

2.1.1. Trying different sports from each rings location

3. ICT

3.1. Marketing and Advertising

3.1.1. Digital photography Digital editing

3.1.2. Billboard

3.1.3. Video? Youtube campaign?

3.1.4. Twitter # - number of retweets competition

4. Eng

4.1. Poetry (1/2 term)

4.1.1. Colour feelings

4.1.2. Create a narrative based on a colour Could be anger, happiness, calm

4.2. 2nd Half temr

4.2.1. Link to History (2s and KS3)

5. Maths

6. His

6.1. Slaves

6.2. Empire

7. RE

7.1. Festivals



10. OAA

11. Art

11.1. colour in drawing Link to artist in residence - monochrome

11.2. The Colours in landscapes Link to geography and how colour relates to climate

11.3. The colour in portraits related to PSHE and different nationality ethinic groups

11.4. The colour of skin tones can also relate to biology

11.5. The natural and vivid colour in food/still life arrangements related to repeated colour through kaleidoscopes can related to pattern in nature

11.6. The colour enhancement of image through IT/modern technology

12. DT

12.1. The colour of materials/ timber/ related geography

12.2. The colours related to energy in electronics - related to physics

12.3. The colours related to elements on the periodic table

12.4. The colours related to precious materials e.g. metals etc related to science

13. Science

13.1. Chemistry of Colour

13.1.1. Acids and Alkalis Chemical formulae Using indicators Making salts

13.1.2. Useful chemicals - dyes Natural plant dyes

13.2. Colour in Nature - Reproduction and Variation

13.2.1. Simple reproduction - mammal and plant

13.2.2. Variation Linked to behavioural adaptation e.g. predator prey Link to last term "power"

13.2.3. Simple genetics e.g. why do some people have blue eyes?

14. Food Tech

14.1. Research and complete a table of food items relating to colour e.g. Strawberries and Cherries within the red and pink section.

14.2. Plan and create dishes that use different colour: for example: create a sweet dish using peaches, nectarines or mango as the main ingredient. (yellow) or create a savoury dish using spinach, courgette or peas as a main component (green)

14.3. Look at the presentation of food, how does colour affect how we feel about food?

14.4. Modified and created foods, are we heading away from nature?

14.5. what does the colour blue do to our appetite and perception of food?