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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. Intelligences

1.1. Multiple Intelligences

1.1.1. Highly Developed Interpersonal I work very well with the people around me and I'm comfortable relating and opening up to people both new and old. Bodily Kinesthetic I'm constantly moving from the time I wake up, to the time i lay down to sleep. I enjoy sports, and even while sitting i fidget and tap. Verbal-linguistic I'm efficient in regards to both writing and verbalizing my thoughts. I am also well versed with a plethora of vocabulary and ways of expressing myself.

1.1.2. Moderately Developed Logical Mathematical While I'm well versed with every day math and science, I find trouble with advanced physics and calculus. Numbers and I are acquaintances, no more, no less. Intrapersonal I understand myself logically with ease, but sometimes my emotions catch me off guard. This paired with my impulsive nature leaves my emotions running faster than my brain can process them. Naturalistic I enjoy learning about nature, societies and how my world works, However; I simply don't expose myself to it much. I prefer to learn about my world from a third person perspective. Musical I listen to music daily and I know how to play the Bass and recognize rythyms and melodies. I just don't have the mind to write or compose music. I could learn. I just don't have much interest in writing music of any kind. Visual Spatial Like music, I often take time to enjoy physical art. I can read graphs and charts. I just don't have much interest in mastering the production of physical art styles other than writing.

1.2. High Emotional Intelligence

1.2.1. I'm able to recognize and categorize my emotions with relative ease. I often talk about my feelings with friends, and they often come to me to talk. I'm in touch with myself, and capable of recognizing other's emotions without being told.

2. My Personality Spectrum

2.1. Higher

2.1.1. Organizer I'm efficient in organizing my time, work space, thoughts, and anything in between.

2.1.2. Giver I enjoy giving myself to the world around me in order to make it a better place.

2.2. Lower

2.2.1. Thinker I tend to be impulsive and make poorly thought out decisions in the moment.

2.2.2. Adventurer I'm comfortable with where I'm at most of the time and don't look for change in many places.

3. Learning Preferences

3.1. I prefer to hear and see while learning new things rather than read from a textbook

3.2. I prefer a cool but not cold environment when in a classroom or studying

3.3. I enjoy having background noise or instrumental music while studying or learning

3.4. I like working in a small group rather than pairs or large crowds

3.5. I like sitting at a desk or in formal seating while learning

3.6. My favorite time to work or study is late morning/early afternoon

4. Top 3 O*Net Interests

4.1. Realistic

4.2. Investigative

4.3. Artistic

5. Values

5.1. Motivation

5.2. Aspiration

5.3. Willpower

6. Analasys of Thinking

6.1. Creative Thinking

6.1.1. I'm an effective creative thinker in that I question the world around me and I'm good at finding new solutions to old questions.

6.2. Analytical Thinking

6.2.1. I'm a moderate Analytical thinker, when I put my mind to it I'm a great analytical mind, unfortunately sometimes my impulses get the best of me.

6.3. Practical Thinking

6.3.1. Everyday tasks and problems don't bother me. While my impulsive nature is a burden, it can also be a gift when I don't have the time or energy to analyze an issue.

7. Preferred Teaching style

7.1. I much prefer to be taught in a lecture room with group discussions. The combination of verbal learning and engagement makes learning entertaining for me.

8. Preferred study style

8.1. I enjoy studying in a group or pairs, whether through a study game, a Skype call, or practice testing with someone. I find active feedback and fun makes learning both easier and more entertaining