Erin Thomas Self Portrait

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Erin Thomas Self Portrait by Mind Map: Erin Thomas Self Portrait

1. Areas to work on: While you are doing well, don’t forget to take time out of your busy day-to-day activities to stop and reflect on what brings you the greatest meaning in your life.

2. Successful Intelligence Assessment

2.1. Analytical Thinking Skills Score: 40

2.2. Creative Thinking Skills Score: 33

2.3. Practical Thinking Skills Score: 40

3. Emotional Intelligence Assessment

3.1. Results: High Emotional Intelligence

4. O*Net MyNextMove

4.1. Realistic (0)- I do not like working with plants and animals , real-world materials like wood, tools, and machinery , outside work

4.2. Investigative (4)- Small interest in searching for facts and figuring out problems

4.3. Artistic (16)- Somewhat enjoy creativity in my work and work that can be done without following a set of rules

4.4. Social (17)- I highly enjoy teaching , giving advice, and helping and being of service to people

4.5. Enterprising (17)- I highly enjoy persuading and leading people, making decisions ,taking risks for profits

4.6. Conventional (15)- I also enjoy working with clear rules, following a strong leader

5. Multiple Intelligences Assesments

5.1. Highly Developed

5.1.1. Intrapersonal

5.2. Moderately Developed

5.2.1. Verbal-Linguistic Interpersonal

5.3. Underdeveloped

5.3.1. Bodily-Kinesthetic Visual-Spatial Logical-Mathematical

6. Personality Spectrum Assesment

6.1. Giver (28)- I enjoy successful, close relationships, making a difference in the world, negotiation and promoting peace

6.2. Organizer (22)- I am responsible and reliable. I enjoy neatness, organization and attention to detail.

6.3. Thinker (19)- I like to solve problems and engage in analytical and abstract thinking

6.4. Adventurer (11)- Low tendencies toward a spontaneous lifestyle.

7. BE Learning Styles Assesment

7.1. Environmental Preferences: This assessment concludes that I complete my tasks best with a quiet atmosphere, bright lights, temperature that is cooler, and formal seating.

7.2. Psychological Preferences: This assessment concludes that I complete my tasks best in the early mornings, with more intake and less mobility.