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Self portrait by Mind Map: Self portrait

1. Emotional intelligence assessment

1.1. 92%

1.2. I have a high ability to recognize emotions in myself and others based on physical observations

2. Values

2.1. Top ten

2.2. Family, Caring, Compassion, Forgiveness, Courage, Respect, Independence, Personal growth, Efficiency, Being the best

3. Multiple intelligence assessment

3.1. Results to show my strengths and weaknesses In each type of Intelligence

3.2. Bodily- Kinesthetic=Total-16

3.3. Visual- spatial=16

3.4. Musical=10

3.5. Interpersonal=14

3.6. Verbal- linguistic=16

3.7. Logical- Mathematical=21

3.8. Intrapersonal=19

3.9. Naturalistic=15

4. Building Excellence Learning Styles assessment


5. Preferred study strategies

5.1. Draw mind maps

5.2. Organize material logically, if it suits the topic use a spread sheet program

5.3. Study in quiet areas

5.4. study in a group

5.5. Break down information into categories

6. O*Net MyNextMove

6.1. Results to inference possible job opportunities

6.2. Realistic- 25,Investigative- 29, Artistic-16, Social-11, Enterprising-15, Conventional-20

7. Preferred teaching styles

7.1. small groups

7.2. visual focus

7.3. logical presentation

7.4. Detailed presentation

7.5. hands on presentation

8. Personality spectrum assessment

8.1. Results to show which personality I am strongest and weakest in

8.2. Thinker-22

8.3. Giver-19

8.4. Adventurer- 15

8.5. Organizer-23

9. Successful intelligence assessment

9.1. Analytical thinking skills( total=40) I have a moderate ability to solve complex problems quickly and effectively

9.2. Creative thinking skills(Total=44) I have a high ability to look at problems from multiple perspectives

9.3. Practical thinking skills(Total=37) I have a moderate ability to adapt to my environment according to my problems