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Word Formation by Mind Map: Word Formation

1. Coinage

1.1. EX: To googgle,

2. Borrowing

2.1. It is the taking over of words from other languages.

2.1.1. Ex: Tattoo (Tahitian), Piano (italian)

3. Compounding

3.1. The joining of two separate words to produce a single form.

3.1.1. Ex: bookcase, sunburn.

4. Blending

4.1. The combination of two separate forms to produce a single new term.

4.1.1. Ex: motor hotel "motel"

5. Clipping

5.1. It is reducing a word of more than one syllable to a shorter form.

5.1.1. Ex: Condominium Condo

6. Backformation

6.1. When a word (usually a noun) is reduced to form a word of another type.

6.1.1. Ex::Donate from donation.

7. Conversion

7.1. A change in the function of a word.

7.1.1. Ex: Verb Increase, noun Increase.

8. Acronyms

8.1. New words formed from initial letters of a set of other words

8.1.1. ex:CD(Compact disk).

9. Derivation

9.1. New words formed by adding eithet prefixes or sufixes.

9.1.1. Ex: Care-ful, Un-happy