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CHARACTERS IN NIGHT by Elie Wiesel by Mind Map: CHARACTERS IN  NIGHT by Elie Wiesel

1. "Prophets"

1.1. Moshe the Beadle

1.1.1. PROPHET? >>> He talks about ("predicts") what the Germans were doing to the Jews, but everyone in his community refuses to believe.

1.1.2. Jewish man who lived in the same community as Elie (Signet). Moshe tells him about the terrible massacre of Jews.

1.2. Mrs. Schaecther

1.2.1. A woman Elie meets in the train heading to a concentration camp. She shouts "fire" a couple of times and people think she is crazy. Yet, she was referring to the fire coming from the crematory houses.

1.2.2. PROPHET? >>> She cries "fires" (referring to the crematory houses). Mrs. Schaecther "predicts" what will happen to all of them: death.

2. Same family

2.1. Tzipora

2.1.1. Elie's youngest sister who is separated from him in the concentration camp

2.2. Shlomo

2.2.1. Elie's father who dies in 1943 in the concentration camp.

2.3. Eliezer

2.3.1. 15 year old boy goes to concentration camp with his father where he experiences the worst in humanity.

3. Nazi officers/authorities

3.1. Dr.Mengele

3.1.1. A doctor at the concentration camp of Auschwitz who directed horrible experiments on humans.

3.2. Idek

3.2.1. Man responsible for Elie's work unit at Buna. He had some crazy attacks sometimes which led him to beat on the prisoners, including Elie and his father.

3.3. Franek

3.3.1. Elie's foreman at Buna who wanted the boy's gold tooth.

4. Other holocaust victims

4.1. Akiba Drumer

4.1.1. A Jew in the concentration camp who lost faith in God due to the inhumane treatments he witnessed and experienced.

4.2. Juliek

4.2.1. A holocaust victim who Elie met at a concentration camp. Juliek was a musician who died in the barracks of Gleiwitz. He played his violin in the night of his death.

4.3. Rabbi Eliahu

4.3.1. A holocaust victim who was abandoned by his son as the Rabbi was getting old (a burden).

4.4. Meir Katz

4.4.1. Shlomo's friend who saved Elie from an unidentified assailant at the cattle car to Buchenwald. He later loses hope when he recalls his son's selection for the crematories.