Australia - Deforestation

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Australia - Deforestation by Mind Map: Australia - Deforestation

1. Cause 1 - Human Activities

1.1. People Building homes

1.2. People building Buildings

2. Cause 2 - Factories

2.1. People are clearing land for people to build factories

3. Effect 1 - Human Activities

3.1. The environment won't be an environment if this keeps going

3.2. People are taking advantage of being able to take land - e.g Getting rid of trees, to make paper

3.3. People are killing trees but we don't see the trees killing us what we did

4. Effect 2 - Factories

4.1. Smoke from the factories is killing the environment

5. Effect 3 - Agriculture

5.1. Agriculture is using up space where trees were when some trees already produce food

5.2. Cutting down trees means less oxygen

5.3. Why cut down trees for food when there are more ways we can get food rather then cutting trees and replacing it with fruit trees e.g Cutting a lion to give us meat to eat and get our muscles stronger

6. Cause 3 - Agriculture

6.1. Growing food for us to be healthy

7. Effect 4 - Cattle Pasture

7.1. Animals taking up lots of hectares of land

7.2. Using the wood cut from the trees to make cages for the animals

7.3. Animals destroying the grass where they are being stored which makes the farmers and owner move which probably cut down more unnecessary wood

8. Cause 4 - Cattle Pasture

8.1. Destroying trees to make space for the cattle