Iteration Experiment

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Iteration Experiment by Mind Map: Iteration Experiment

1. cadence

1.1. daily

1.1.1. standup segment 1 speak to scoreboard segment 2 speak to whirlwind

1.2. weekly

1.2.1. planning smaller window that is easier to predict and manage wrt commitment

1.2.2. review how did we measure up against commitment?

1.3. fortnightly

1.3.1. retro

1.3.2. showcase

2. commitment

2.1. one, max two, big ticket goals

2.1.1. linked to strategy (even bigger ticket goals)

2.2. squad defines the scoreboard

2.2.1. lead metrics example elements of scoreboard burndown WIP count workflow movement are: predictive of goal, influenceable by squad Lead Measures are about narrowing your focus down to the 2 or 3 things that “trigger” success, or your end goal

2.2.2. squad can tell at a glance whether we're winning

2.3. during planning, each member states how they will move the metrics on the scoreboard

2.4. this work is independent of the whirlwind

2.4.1. whirlwind is day-to-day tasks

2.5. at least 20% of squad time is dedicated, independent of whirlwind

3. motivation

3.1. multi tasking doesn't work

3.2. starting things before finishing others may make you feel better but it will slow you down, reduce quality, create false expectations with your cust, and lower morale (do you need further justification...)

3.3. hedging bets by doing multiple things may be good practice for investments but bad practice for delivery!