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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Letter Recognition Student 1: Jason-knows 11 letters Student 2: Faith-knows 7 letters Student 3: Michael-knows 13 letters Strategies: Small group each day to work on letter recognition. We will use white boards, flash cards, and magnetic letters to work on their letters.

2. 1. Formative

2.1. Process of gathering evidence of student learning.

2.1.1. Examples: Discussions and quizzes

3. 2. Interim/Benchmark

3.1. Periodic testing throughout the school year

3.1.1. Examples: Six weeks and chapter tests

4. 3. Summative

4.1. End of a large chunk of learning. Representative sampling.

4.1.1. Examples: Standardized testing and final exams

5. 4. Performance

5.1. Evidence of student mastery.

5.1.1. Examples: Final protects and research projects

6. 5. Diagnostic

6.1. A test given as a pre assessment before instruction

6.1.1. Examples: Whole group questioning and journals

7. Assessment Data

8. H.O.T Questions

8.1. Opening

8.1.1. What is the plot of a story?

8.1.2. What are the three parts of a plot? (Beginning, middle, end)

8.2. Guided Practice

8.2.1. What happened in the beginning of the story?

8.2.2. Who are the characters in the story?

8.3. Closing

8.3.1. Why did this character do this?

8.3.2. Why did the story end like this?