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1. Communication

1.1. Excellent oral and written communication

1.2. Language(s): English and Intermediate Proficiency in Spanish

1.3. Experience networking with diverse populations in cross-cultural context

1.3.1. Ability to engage effectively with individuals with diverse backgrounds and styles

1.4. Strong interpersonal & organizational skills

2. Writing

2.1. Report composition and analysis

2.2. Research proposal and grant writing

2.3. Proven success drafting, proofreading, and editing large documents

2.4. Attention to detail in composing, typing, and proofing materials

3. Web Design

3.1. Basic understanding of web development

3.2. Preferred platforms: Weebly and Wix

3.3. Coding: Beginning proficiency w/ Javascript

3.4. Experience in learning and mastering new software applications.

4. Marketing Development

4.1. Marketing design and development

4.2. Graphic and Visual Design

4.3. Dissemination of materials

4.4. Social Media Management

4.4.1. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

5. Program Development

5.1. Curriculum Development

5.2. Excellent planning and organization skills

5.3. Complex problem solving & plan building.

5.4. Community outreach and netwworking

5.5. Ability to build relationships and establish common goals for collective success

6. Research

6.1. Research design and management

6.2. Data collection, coding, and analysis

6.3. Experience conducting fieldwork

6.3.1. Participant-observation

6.3.2. Proven effectiveness poritizing competing demands while remaining flexible and adaptable with changing priorities.

6.3.3. Ability to build strong relationships

6.4. Interviewing techniques

6.5. Developing & dissemination of surveys

7. Leadership

7.1. Extensive experience in managerial and team leadership role.

7.1.1. Task delegation and program oversight

7.1.2. Strong collaboration, communication and influencing skills

7.1.3. Demonstrated flexibility and resilience.

7.2. Self-motivated and the ability to work independently.

7.3. Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a multi-site organization and in a team-based structure.

7.4. Experience setting priorities and meeting deadlines while balancing the needs of providing support for multiple individuals

8. Programs

8.1. Microsoft Office

8.2. Sharepoint

8.3. Canva

8.4. Visio

8.5. Adobe Photoshop