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E commerce by Mind Map: E commerce

1. Features of Internet audience

1.1. Media choice

1.1.1. Less time using traditional media

1.2. Number of user

1.2.1. 243 million in US

1.3. Intensity& scope of use

1.3.1. 80% login per day

1.4. lifestyle impact

1.4.1. decline in traditional social activities and negative impact

1.5. Demographics and access

1.5.1. Internet increasingly growing diverse

2. Concept of consumer behavior & purchasing decisions

2.1. Problem recognition

2.1.1. Understand the situation and the problem

2.2. Information search

2.2.1. The information of the product

2.3. Evaluation of alternative

2.3.1. need to establish criteria for evaluation ,features the buyer want or does not one

2.4. Purchase

2.4.1. Make decision to buy the product

2.5. Post purchase evaluation

2.5.1. Satisfied or Dissactified

3. Basic digital commerce marketing & advertising strategies and tools

3.1. Web site

3.1.1. To initial relationship with customer

3.2. Display ads

3.2.1. Clicking the link to a product description

3.3. E-mail marketing

3.3.1. Send e-mail to the interested user

3.4. Social marketing & advertising

3.4.1. Use social graph to communicate brand images, direct promote sales of product and service

4. How consumer should behave onine

4.1. Convenience

4.1.1. they able to view many products

4.2. Not waste time

4.2.1. they don't have to go the shopping mall to buy anymore

4.3. Can compare cost

4.3.1. they can compare the cost from many different online shopping websites.

4.4. Trust

4.4.1. they trust on the product they choosing at.

4.5. quality of service

4.5.1. the customer service management give out a good respond to the customers